Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sorry haven't responded about any of my runs lately. Amazingly I have been running really well since my 14 mile run on Wednesday. I thought I would be a little sore for a couple days, but felt really good. I took Thursday off and ran 4 miles on Friday. Went to my Dads for the wknd and ran on my step moms tredmill. This was a real treat, it was an old piece of crap and I thought I was going to break it while running 'cause that is the way it sounded. I managed to get my 7 miles in while watching National Treasure 2 with my little brother lounging on the couch while I ran. Did some cross training monday and tuesday I took off. Today I ran 8 miles. I felt really good. Started out at 8:34 min. mile for the first 4 miles and ended with 8:00min. mile the last 4 with a time of 68 minutes. Then I did some weight lifting.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

first blog

Hi, this is Amanda. I am training for the Kansas City Marathon. I have ran to previous half marathons, but this will be my first full marathon. So far my runs have been going pretty good. Haven't done a lot of long runs which disappoints me. Today I started out at a goal of 12 miles but finished at 14, so that made me happy. I feel really good tonight other than my hamstrings are sore, we will see how I feel tomorrow. Went with friend to TCrunning store tonight and got new shoes and a hydration bottle. Pretty excited to use them...haha.